7115 by Szeki

Signature Raw Silk 4-Ways Dress

The piece 7115 is most known for. The Signature 4-Ways Dress is by far their most versatile, most unique design. This edition is crafted out of an earthy raw silk that is perfect year-round and drapes on the body in the most flattering way.

The clever construction of this staple, with its adjustable drawstring at the natural waist, allows you to create a variety of silhouettes that are all distinctly different, yet all show off the iconic v-neck and open back. 

Weddings, parties, or even everyday wear. You can truly customize this piece to suit the occasion. We have had many customers regularly wear this piece before, during and after pregnancies as it is wonderful for even those bodies that are constantly in flux.

Option 1: Gathered and tied at the back for a 30s sheath look. Add waist definition by bringing the belt to the front and tying off center.

Option 2: Move the fullness of the dress halfway along the drawstring and tie in the front for a more draped, Grecian look.

Option 3: Reverse the dress, gather and tie at the front for an origami-inspired look.  Add waist definition by bringing the belt to the back and tying.  

Option 4: With the dress still reversed, move the fullness of the dress halfway along the drawstring and tie in the back.   

+ Details 

  • Color: Cream
  • 100% Raw Silk
  • One Size 
  • Model is 5’5 and wearing a OS 
  • Made in small batch in Guangzhou, China 
  • Dry clean only

+ Material 

Raw silk is the most natural form of the delicate silk fiber. This form of silk is matte and non-slippery with a slightly nubby texture. Flecks in the fabric are random in nature and will vary from yard to yard. This fabric has a hand feel similar to cotton and linen but a softer drape on the body. In its most natural form, raw silk is a milky and off-white in color. Raw silk is hypoallergenic and has great elasticity. Highly absorbent without feeling damp and temperature regulating, raw silk is fantastic for keeping you cool in the summer and serve as an insulating base layer in the winter. Garments crafted out of raw silk will offer you never ending comfort all year round.

Over time this natural fabric will get softer and colors may fade to create a wonderfully lived-in look. Raw silk is a protein based fiber so it’s best to keep your garments out of direct sunlight when drying or storing as this can create unintentional damage.

+ Care Instructions

  • Due to the nature of this fabric, color transfer may occur during use due to friction and when handling while wet
  • Product may transfer color to white or light-colored clothing, or to white or light-colored chairs, sofas, car seats, shoes, bags, belts, etc.