Henrik Vibskov

Vibskov and Emenius: The Fringe Projects 1-10

A vast, comprehensive - and sometimes hilarious - collaboration, The Fringe Projects brings together two young artists, the Danish fashion designer Henrik Vibskov (born 1972) and the Swedish graphic artist Andreas Emenius (born 1973), who embarked on a two-year, 10-part journey to explore, as essayist Hannah Heilmann describes it, the "choreography of random". The artists presented earnest-yet-silly tableaus featuring themselves as models, as well as furniture, "man-machines", and a soap-box dragster - always involving yards of fringe - in magazines, museums, and even a restaurant. The book itself features a fringe-bedecked cover as well as interviews with the artists (one of which, in keeping with the tone of the projects, takes place in a car wash).